Omni Website for Furniture stores

Creating a site with Webmobili’s Omni Website means enhancing your online presence with a truly complete and functional space. Thanks to twenty years of experience in the world of digital and furniture, Webmobili guarantees a high quality product designed specifically to meet the needs of the store, with contents and tools capable of optimizing every activity. The Omni Website service, in fact, includes all the design and development activities of the finished ‘turnkey’ site and in addition offers a series of optional modules to add features and additions.


An efficient and dynamic website

Whatever style you choose to present your shop, graphic optimization and usability will be guaranteed. You can choose the template and the contents to propose or highlight, and together we will build the best structure for an ideal user experience. Together we will also set the keywords and SEO content to increase the chance of being found on search engines.

Updated contents with Trovaprodotti service

Thanks to Designbest’s rich directory, it’s easy to link hundreds of catalogs to your site: it’s the product finder service. You can choose which brands to present and how to structure the categories. By activating the Product Finder, three items will be created in the main menu to reach the “Catalog”, “Brands” and “Occasions” areas. Furthermore, you can choose the depth pages to give more visibility (a home environment, a brand, a product …) and you can add them in the main menu among the “Featured links”

Outlet channel for your expo

To the Trovaprodotti, the service that allows you to connect the many furniture catalogs to the site, you can add the Trovaprodotti, connected to the Designbest Outlet. It is the ideal tool to present your occasions, in expo or in stock, and to create a double showcase, on your website and on Designbest in the Outlet area. Furthermore, by integrating the optional EasyStoreWeb module, you can connect your warehouse to the Occasion Finder and easily manage the insertion of offers, orders, shipments, invoices and stocks.

Communicate with visitors with an easy-to-use blog

Do you want to talk to users about news, trends, events related to the store? We integrate a space to your site where you can post the content you want and where you can develop your personal communication style to address your visitors.

Just a click to nter the world of E-Commerce

Is your e-commerce integrated into your website? With Omni Website we can install and configure the module within the site: a space where you can enter your product catalog, with check-out and payment features. The Shop can also be synchronized with the EasyStoreWeb management system to automatically update orders, shipments, invoices and stocks.

The options do not end here…

It is called Omni Website because it is a service designed to offer a truly all-encompassing website. Product catalogs and depth links that can be set with Trovaprodotti and Trovaoccasioni; the EasyStoreWeb module to manage contacts, orders, invoicing and stocks; integrated e-commerce; the ability to install and configure Google Analytics tracking pixels and statistical tracking code; the GDPR Compliant module; the contact synchronization module towards the CRM / SEM platform; the service to create a virtual and interactive showroom or to shoot a video of the store to be included on the site or to be used on social pages. Contact us and you will receive all the information and suggestions you need!